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About Maretec | International shipbrokers

31 Years Experience | Ship Sale & Purchase

With more than 30 years of expertise in international sale and purchase of cargo ships and other vessels, Maretec Shipbrokers secures optimal deals for clients worldwide. Our market insights and experiences ensures the best results for our clients.

Ship Seller & Buyer | Achieve your goals

Whether you are a ship owner looking to sell your vessel or a buyer seeking to find a ship that meets your needs, we are dedicated to helping you in achieving your goals.

Ready to buy? Explore Ships for sale!

Explore Our Selection of Ships for Sale

We are dedicated to offering a wide selection of vessels for sale to meet your specific requirements.

We Facilitate Complete Transactions for our Clients

We manage every aspect of the sale and purchase, from finding the right ship, negotiations, drafting the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), to coordinating the closing process and overseeing the delivery of the ship.

Trusted Ship Sale & Purchase Brokerage Services

As specialists in ship sale and purchase shipbroking, we operate independently on behalf of our clients to facilitate the selling and buying of ships at the highest professionel level.

Cargo Ships for Sale


We offer a wide range of cargo vessels for sale, including


  • General cargo ships

  • Self-discharger vessels

  • Container vessels

  • Mpp cargo ships

  • Bulk carriers

  • Other floating units.

Other Ships

  • Oil/chemical tankers

  • Ferries

  • Tugs, Split barge

  • Fishing vessels

  • Scandinavian stern trawlers

  • Factory freezer trawlers

  • Pelagic trawlers

  • Purse seiners & longliners.

Off-Market Ships for Sale


We always have a selection of off-market ships for sale.


These are vessels offered without public listing, ensuring confidentiality and exclusivity in the sales process.

Request off-market options!

Newbuilding, Conversion & Repairs

We have established strong partnerships with European Shipyards, enabling us to effectively facilitate a range of services for our clients, including new building projects, conversions, and ship repairs, with a proven track record of success.

"Looking to sell your vessel, or searching for the perfect ship? We are here to help. Explore our listings ​of ships for sale, or request a proposal for your specific needs."


Álvur B. Mortensen, Managing Director

Álvur B. Mortensen, Managing Director at Maretec Shipbrokers

Ship Valuation | Market Value

We provide desktop ship valuation to a diverse clientele, including ship owners, financial institutions, insurers, lawyers, and admiralty courts.


As brokers, we issue a 'Certificate of Valuation', providing a formal document that encapsulates our professional perspective of the market value of the ship.

Request Our Ship Valuation!

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