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Ships for Sale!

31 Years of Expertise | Secure Your Ideal Vessel 

At MARETEC Shipbrokers, we are dedicated to providing first-class service in facilitating sale and purchase of ships. With over three decades of experience in the maritime industry, we leverage our expertise and insights to help you find the right vessel and achieve your goals.

Trusted Partner Explore our Ships for Sale!

We offer a wide range of ships for sale. We also have a selection of off-market ships available, ensuring confidentiality for discreet sellers.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs, and we will propose the perfect ship for you!

Finding Your Perfect Cargo Ship

Leveraging our extensive experience, market insights, and well-established international network, we assist you in securing the optimal vessel for sale that meets your specific requirements.


Whether you're in the market for


  • General cargo vessels

  • Self-discharger cargo ships

  • Container vessels

  • MPP cargo ships

  • Bulk carriers

  • Other dry cargo ships.


we offer a wide range of cargo vessels for sale to suit your needs.

Other Ship Segments

In addition to cargo vessels, we also offer a diverse selection of other ships including.

  • Oil/chemical tankers

  • Ferries

  • Tugs

  • Scandinavian stern trawlers

  • Factory freezer trawlers

  • Pelagic trawlers

  • Purse seiners

  • Longliners

  • and other vessels for sale

Off-Market Vessels for Sale

We understand the importance of confidentiality and exclusivity in the sales process. That is why we always have a selection of off-market ships for sale, offered without public listing.


These exclusive vessels ensure confidentiality, providing selective buyers with a unique opportunity to acquire premium vessels discreetly.


Contact us for off-market options!

Find Your Perfect Vessel | Personalized Service & Tailored Solutions


With our expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to find the right ship for you, we ensure exceptional service and results that exceed expectations.


Contact us today with your requirements to discover how we can assist you in finding your ideal vessel and achieving your objectives.

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