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Fishing Vessels for Sale

FT 350

Factory freezer trawler

60,33 x 13,00 m

Built 1987  Faroe Islands

Wartsila 4590 Bhp

Factory Freezer trawler for sale

WT 312

Liver Fish Carrier (Well boat)

30,60 x 7,50 m

Built 1995 in Norway

Caterpillar 670 Bhp

Well boat for sale

WT 242

Wet fish stern trawler

38,60 x 8,84 m

Built 11/1984, Faroe Islands

MWM 1632 Bhp

Wet fish trawler for sale

WT 204

Wet fish stern trawler

48,00 x 9,30 m

Built 1985, Faroe Islands

Bergen Diesel 2400 Bhp

Stern trawler for sale

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