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A Selection of Ships
Sold by Maretec

For 31 years, we have successfully sold more than 200 cargo ships, Scandinavian fishing vessels, and various other types of ships to clients worldwide.

Shipsale | Leveraging Global Network

Thanks to our extensive international network, which includes shipowners, operators and charterers, we are able to meet most requirements regarding sale and purchase of ships and related shipping services.

Possibilities | Off-Market Ships for Sale

We offer a wide selection of ships for sale, including off-market candidates, that we will send to you upon your request.

Showcasing some of our 200+ Ships Sold.

Need Help Buying or Selling a Ship? We can Help!


Our expertise lies in Ship Sale & Purchase, ensuring you find the perfect ship for your needs. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a vessel, we are here to assist you to reach your goal. 

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