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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, process, and protect your personal data in compliance with the GDPR of the European Union. We collect information through channels like our website, newsletter signups, social media, personal interactions, mail, phone, and email.

Personal Data Collection and Processing

We collect and process your personal data with your explicit consent. This may includes your name, date of birth, email address, phone number, home address, personal photos, and social media account information. All data collection and processing comply with EU and Faroese regulations. We use the consented information for: Updates, communication and promotions. Client interactions and project collaboration. Contractual obligations. Enhancing user experience.

Data Storage, Modification, and Deletion

You have the right to modify or delete the personal data you provide us. We retain your data only as long as necessary for the purpose set out in the Privacy Policy and as required by applicable laws. Once the data is no longer necessary for its initial purpose, we will permanently delete it. We retain newsletter data as long as subscribed. Your data is shared with third parties only with your explicit consent. The data is securely stored at all times, and we employ strong security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data information.

Anonymized Data for Website Functionality

When you visit our website, technical data such as IP address, visit time, browser settings and operating system are logged for website functionality. This data is anonymized and cannot identify individual visitors.

Protection of Minor's Privacy

We prohibit the collection of personal data from underage users without parental consent. If an underage minor provides personal information without parental consent, please contact us.

Cookies | General

Our website uses cookies to enhance website functionality. These small files store information about your preferences for improved browsing. You can manage cookie settings in your browser settings, however, disabling them may limit website functionality.

Cookies | Data Collecting by Third-Party Services

Our website uses third-party services like Google Analytics,, Facebook, LinkedIn, X Twitter, Gmail, Wix Blog and Wix Forms, to collect data, including session information, analytics and advertising cookies. We share the data with these providers. Personal data is not shared with any other third party unless legally required. We are adapting to new browser policies on third-party cookies.

Links to Other Websites

Our website may contain links to external sites beyond our control. We are not responsible for their content or privacy policies. Please review the privacy policies of linked websites.


Changes to Privacy Policy

We may update our Privacy Policy. Check this page for updates.



For privacy-related inquiries, changing or deleting data, please contact us at MARETEC Shipbrokers, Argjavegur 53B, 160 Argir, Faroe Islands. Tel +298 210051 or here.

[Privacy Policy - Last updated: 16.02.2024]

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