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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I find ships for sale?
    With expertise in the international sale and purchase of ships, Maretec Shipbrokers offers a range of cargo ships and other vessels for sale. We are dedicated to helping you find the right ship, providing expert guidance and unwavering support throughout the process. On our website, you will find a selection of featured ships avaialble for sale. Additionally, for off-market ships available for sale, feel free to contac us. Check out our selection of ships for sale!
  • Where do I get a Ship Valuation?
    Specializing in international sale and purchase, Maretec Shipbrokers is proficient at providing ship valuations, drawing upon our extensive knowledge of market dynamics and vessel characteristics. By meticulously considering factors such as type, size, age, industry demand, and other relevant indicators, we deliver desktop ship valuations to ship owners, financial institutions, insurance companies, lawyers, and admiralty courts. At Maretec Shipbrokers, we provide a 'Certificate of Valuation,' offering a formal document that reflects the current market value of your ship. Get in touch with us for a Ship Valuation!
  • What do S&P Shipbrokers do?
    Shipbrokers specializing in Sale and Purchase (S&P) manage every aspect of the transaction process, from sourcing the right vessel and negotiating the terms, to drafting the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA), overseeing the closing process, and coordinating the delivery of the ship. Their specialized expertise in market knowledge, negotiation, and risk management is essential for efficient and secure deals. Acting as advisors, shipbrokers assist ship owners through the complexities of transactions, securing favourable deals. S&P Shipbrokers also provide ship valuation to ensure accurate assessments of ship values. Ready to buy your perfect ship or sell you vessel? Let Maretec Shipbrokers' 30+ years of experiences help you in achieving your goals. Contact us today for a custom proposal!
  • What's next for shipping?
    The cargo ship industry is heading to a new course towards increased efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability. Significant investments are expected in environmentally friendly fuel technologies, optimized shipping routes, and digitalization. Building resilient supply chains is prioritized, with diversification of trade routes, closer sourcing strategies, and innovative management practices. Technological advancements like automation, AI, and machine learning are transforming operations, boosting efficiency and optimizing decision-making. Navigating market volatility will require enhanced adaptability, more proactive planning, and further industry collaboration. Furthermore, developing a highly skilled workforce, on shore and aboard ships, equipped to handle the tech revolution is crucial for long-term success. Shipbrokers dealing with the sale and purchase of ships will also need to proactively address the forthcoming developments and adapt their approaches to align with the evolving trends in the shipping market. These trends are shaping the future of shipping, and companies that embrace them will be well-positioned to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. Explore our selection of ship for sale on our website!
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