Kjøp og Salg av skip, salg, kjøp, fraktskip, fiskefartøy. skipsmegler,
Köp och försäljing av fartyg och Värdering av fartyg. Lastefartyg, fiskefartyg, fiskebåter
Skibsmægler formidler Køb og salg af skibe
Keyp og søla av frskipumarmaskipum og fiskiskipum
Schiffsmakler: An- und Verkauf von Schiffen.
Vente & achat de navires. Navires de pêche. Navires de transport.
Compra y Venta de naves. Buques a la Venta
покупка и продажа судов. Наш раздел «Рыболовные суда на продажу», содержит информацию о рыболовных с
舶经纪公司 - 船舶经纪人 - 公司专业从事国际船舶买卖 业务


Ship Sale and Purchase
Maretec Shipbrokers specializes in international ship sale and purchase of second-hand tonnages. Since 1992 we have been selling and buying ships on behalf of clients all over the world. We are striving to have the best possible selection of cargo ships, tankers, ferries, fishing vessels and other ships for sale.


Newbuildings / Conversions & Repairs
We have contracted 15 newbuilding ships in Spain, Poland and China to clients in New Zealand, Russia, Scotland and Iceland. We furthermore arrange ship conversion &  ship repair at first class shipyards in Europe.

Ship Valuation / Appraisal
In addition to selling ships, we also provide ship valuations to ship owners, financial institutions, insurance companies, lawyers and admiralty courts. As brokers we issue Certificate of Valuation, which records our opinion of the market value of ships in a documentary manner.

Ship broker
As ship sale and purchase broker, we are an independent contractor acting as agent for our principals for selling and/or buying ships. We are appointed by owners wishing to sell ships and/or buyers interested in purchasing.


Ships for sale
We offer a wide range of ships for sale including general cargo ships, container ships, singledecker cargo ships, tweendecker cargo vessels, selfdischargers, roro ships, heavy lift cargo vessels, reefer vessels, car & passenger ferries, tug boats, catamaran ferries and pallet carriers for sale.

Fishing vessels for sale
We also deal with sale and purchase of fishing vessels, which includes factory freezer trawlers (H/G, fillets and shrimp), pelagic trawlers, purse seiners, wet fish stern trawlers, longliners and gillnetters.

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