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Ships for sale
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Ships for sale

Sale and purchase of ships

MARETEC Shipbrokers | International Shipbroker Company


MPP cargo vessel for sale
FOR SALE: Mpp pallet carrier »CS 597«

Container ship for sale
FOR SALE: Container ship »CS 599«




Cargo Ships for sale

Container ship for sale
FOR SALE: Container ship »CS 596«

MPP cargo vessel for sale
FOR SALE: MPP Cargo vessel »CS 591«

Fishing vessels for sale



Mpp tweendecker for sale
FOR SALE: Mpp Tweendecker »CS 595«

Stern trawler for sale
Trawler FOR SALE: »WT 303«

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Maretec Shipbrokers specializes in Sale and Purchase (S&P) of cargo ships and fishing vessels. We have a large range of ships for sale. Our office is in the Faroe Islands, which is located between Norway and Iceland.

Shipbrokers »Sale and Purchase«:
Since 1992 we have been selling and buying ships on behalf of clients all over the world. We are striving to have the best possible selection of cargo ships and fishing vessels for sale.

Ship Valuations:
In addition to S&P, we also provide ship valuations to ship owners, financial instit-utions, insurance companies, lawyers and admiralty courts.


Ships for sale:
We offer a wide range of ships for sale including single-decker cargo vessels, container ships, tween-decker, self-dischargers, roro ships, reefer vessels,
car & passenger ferries, catamaran and pallet carriers.

Fishing vessels for sale:
This includes factory freezer trawlers, pelagic trawlers, purse seiners, wet fish stern trawlers, longliners and gillnetters.
Newbuilding / Conversions:
We have contracted 15 newbuilding ships in Spain, Poland and China to clients in New Zealand, Russia, Scotland and Iceland. We furthermore arrange ship conversion &  ship repair.

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MARETEC Shipbrokers
  Container ship sold from Germany
»Geest Trader« sold
Germany to Dubai
Fishing vessel sold within Faroe Islands
»Dragasund« sold
within Faroes Islands
Pusher tug boat sold
»Lianco« sold
Belgium to Uruguay
Container ship sold to Uruguay
»Maria Schepers« sold
Germany to Uruguay
Factory trawler sold to Russia
»Polar Princess« sold
Greenland to Russia
Single decker sold from Germany
»Black Sea« sold from Germany to Faroes
Longliner sold to Norway
»Drelnes« sold from Faroes to Norway
Crabber sold
»Túgvusteinur« sold
Faroes to South Africa
Self dishcarger sold
»Vitin« sold from
Faroes to Scotland
Cargo vessel sold
»Anna Marie« sold from Germany to Faroes
Tween decker sold
»Danstar« sold from Denmark to Chile
Boxed single decker sold
»Valborg« sold
within Denmark
Cargo ships sold to Albania
»Irafoss« sold from
Iceland to Albania
Single decker sold to Norway
»Bondenau« sold from Germany to Norway
Life fish carrier
»Tjørnunes« sold from Faroe Islands to Orkney
Cargo ship with side door sold
»Bremer Roland« sold German to Gibraltar
Boxed cargo vessel sold
»Dealer« sold Germany
to Faroe Islands
Boxed single decker sold
»Kevin S« sold
Germany to Faroes
Side door vessel sold
»Norland« sold 2 times Norway-Faroe-Lebanon
Tuna freezer liner sold to Sweden
»Leitisteinur« sold
Belize to Capo Verde
Longliner sold
»Thor« sold
Faroes to Sweden
Self discharger sold Netherland
»Sirius« sold
Faroes to Holland
Factory trawler sold to Russia
»Sundaberg« sold
Faroe Islands to Russia
Single decker sold
»Fjordbulk« sold
Norway to Faroes
French type stern trawler
sold within Faroes
Stern trawler sold
»Vesturvarði« sold within Faroe Islands
Cargo ship sold to Denmark
sold to Denmark
Selfdischarger sold
»Myrås« sold Norway
to Faroe Islands
RoRo ship sold
»Trans Gulf«
sold Canada to USA
Ferry sold to Fiji
»Westerland« sold
Germany to Fiji
Geared ship sold
»Atlantic« sold to USA  
Trawler sold to Gibralter
»Nesborg« sold
Faroes to Gibraltar
Trawler sold
sold within Faroes
Cargo ship sold to Chile
»Fosenbulk« sold
Norway to Chile
Factory stern trawler
»Høgifossur« sold Faroe Islands to Norway 
Ship sold to Denmark
»Scan Mina« sold
Iceland to Denmark
Geared cargo vessel sold
»Baltic Star« sold
Norway to Syria
Ship sold to Panama
»Mars« sold
Faroes to Panama
Trawler sold by Maretec Shipbrokers
»Mýlingur« sold
Faroes to England
Offshore vessel sold
»Thor Supplier« sold
Norway to Faroes
Trawler sold
»Varðborg« sold
within Faroes
Factory freezer trawler sold
»Cote de la Vierge« sold France to Russia 
Small longliner sold to Norway
»Adrian« sold
Faroes to Norway
Trawler sold to Gibralter
»Ólavur Hviti«
Faroes to Gibraltar
Ship sold to Greenland
»Bjørg« sold Iceland
to Greenland
Trawler sold by Maretec Shipbrokers
»Nýborg« sold
Faroes to Russia  
Ship sold to Ireland
»Kristinn F« sold
Iceland to Ireland
Ship sold
»Suðurvarði 2« Sold
within Faroe Islands
French type stern trawler sold
»Shannon« sold 2 times
Side-door vessel to Faroe Islands
»Nordland« sold
Norway to Faroes 
Reefer ship time charter
Reefer t/c
Belgium to Russia
Ship sold to Russia
»Røysenes« sold
Norway to Russia
Factory trawler sold
Sold from
France to Russia
Ship sold to Norway
»Nordvåg« sold
Norway to Iceland 
Longliner ship sold
»Ågot 1« sold 2 times
Ship sold to Russia
»Ifjord« sold
Norway to Russia
Freezer trawler sold
»South Island« sold
Iceland to Faroes
Ship sold to Norway
»Urvaag« sold
Norway to Faroes
Trawlers sold to Argentina
3 sisters sold
Ship sold to Spain
»Kópanes« sold
Iceland to Spain
Stern Trawler newbuilding
»Amaltal Mariner« 
Newbuilding to N.Z.

Stern trawler sold
»Sancy« sold
Faroes to Namibia 

Sold by Maretec shipbrokers
»Blue Planet« sold
Faroes to Mauritius

Pelagic trawler
»Serena« sold
Norway to Russia

Sold to Denmark
»Stapin-II« sold
Faroes to Denmark
Fishing vessel
»Nípan« sold
Faroes to Canada
Fishing vessels sold
Sold within Faroes
Trawler sold to Greenland
»Suðurvarði« sold
Faroes to Greenland
French trawler sold
»Du Bellay« sold
France to Ireland
Newbuilding longliner
»Vostok 1«
Newbuilding to Russia
Pelagic trawler sold
»Fram II« sold
Norway to Namibia
Reefer cargo ships
2 x Reefer sister ships
sold Belgium to Russia
Fishing vessel sold to Russia
Trawler sold
Denmark to Russia
Stern trawler sold
»Beinta« sold
Faroes to Namibia 
trawler sold
 »Túgvusteinur« sold
Faroes to Greenland
Auto longliner
»Nyvoll Senior« sold
Russia to Norway
Newbuilding ship
»Gudrun Gisladóttir«
Newb. China to Iceland


Maretec Shipbroker line

Chartering offshore vessels
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Maretec Shipbrokers co-operates with Seabrokers Chartering AS. Seabrokers is a leading offshore chartering ship broker company with offices  in Stavanger, Bergen, Aberdeen, Houston and Rio de Janeiro. The main objectives with the shipbroking co-operation arrangement is to provide »offshore chartering«, AHTS »sale & purchase« ship broking and »offshore consulting« services to the petroleum industry in the Faroe Islands. You are welcome to contact us for offshore chartering and ship sale.

     MARETEC Shipbrokers
     Argjavegur 53 B
     160 Argir
     Faroe Islands
     Tel: +298 317788
     Fax: +298 317146
     E-mail: shipsale@maretec.fo
     Web-site: www.maretec.fo
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Ships for sale
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Ships for sale!
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